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FAQs Answered

My goal for this new year is to continue to update our website, operations, and communications to better serve our Sweet Paws community. As much as I try to answer any questions you have regarding Sweet Paws products by providing as much information as I can throughout our website, I realize information gets overlooked. So I thought it may be appropriate to provide an FAQ post as the first for our blog!

  1. Where are you located? Our retail store is located inside Stay Pet at 1209 Old Dorsey Rd in Harmans, MD. We've partnered with Stay to create a fun shop inside their lobby where we offer all of our treats including biscuits, doggie desserts, cakes, and our one of a kind cookie cart.

  2. What are your store hours? Our retail shop is open whenever the Stay Pet lobby is open and current hours can be found on our contact page.

  3. How do I order a birthday cake for my dog? We take all of our cake orders through our website. You can select your cake design, cake flavor, icing color, and personalized message. At checkout, you can select Store Pickup or Delivery and your pickup or delivery date.

  4. When should I place my cake order? We make your cakes to order based on your pickup or delivery date so your cake will be fresh regardless of when you place your order. It makes it easier for us to have as much prep time as possible (so the sooner you order the better) but we do require a minimum 3 days notice.

  5. I need a cake for tomorrow, is it too late to order? Yes, it is too late to order a personalized cake. However, we do stock frozen birthday cakes in our retail freezer that are available for walk-in purchase anytime. We will also hold a frozen cake for 24 hours if you contact us prior to coming in.

  6. When and where can I pick up my cake? Your cake order will typically be ready for pickup by 10am on the pickup date you choose. Your cake can be picked up at our retail store inside the Stay Pet lobby. You will receive an email notification when your order is ready with details on when and where you pick up your order.

  7. Can I order a custom cake? We do not offer custom cakes at this time but you can customize all of our cake designs by selecting icing and decoration colors and adding a personalized message on the cake.

  8. How long will my cake last? Our cakes need to be stored in the refrigerator and will keep for at least a week from the date you pick it up. All of our cakes are provided to you wrapped to keep from drying out in the refrigerator and labeled with a consume by date. We do not recommend freezing our decorated cakes because some decorations and icings will crack and separate when frozen (however freezing leftovers is fine).

  9. Do I need to refrigerate your treats? Our biscuit treats DO NOT need to be refrigerated and we recommend to not store them in the fridge "just in case." Our biscuits should be stored sealed at room temperature and free from moisture. All of our packaged biscuits are labeled with ingredients, storage instructions, and a "Best by" date. When stored properly our biscuits will keep for 6 months or more.

  10. Do you mail your treats? No, we do not mail or ship any treats at this time.

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