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I Heart Red Velvet

I truly enjoy creating dog-friendly versions of beloved human desserts and red velvet cake is no exception. It seems only natural to make Red Velvet Pupcakes part of our Valentine's Day doggie dessert lineup. We tweaked our vanilla cake recipe to create a tasty dog-friendly "red velvet" cake made with carob powder (not cocoa of course!). In keeping with tradition we've topped off our red velvet pupcakes with our dog-friendly cream cheese icing. And just like all of our other cakes, our red velvet is soft and tender like hooman cake. It's just as important for me in creating a new dessert that it not only look delicious but also be easy for your dog to eat. You can shop for our Red Velvet Pupcakes in the Desserts section of our online store or visit our Doggie Dessert fridge at our retail location inside Stay Pet.

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