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Grain-free Carob Bites
Grain-free Carob Bites

Grain-free Carob Bites

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A 7 ounce bag of Grain-free Carob Bites. Hand rolled and hand cut. Ingredients sourced in the USA. Crunch factor: 5 (1=soft, 2=tender, 3=crispy, 4=crunchy, 5=hard)

Our biscuits do not require refrigeration and will keep for many months stored sealed at room temperature. All of our biscuits are labeled with ingredients, storage instructions, and a "Best by" date.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Coconut Flour, Carob Powder, Eggs, Honey, Molasses, Cinnamon
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 11.25%, Crude Fat (min) 6.5%, Crude Fiber (max) 11.5%, Moisture (max) 8%