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GRRRanola Brew Bites
GRRRanola Brew Bites

GRRRanola Brew Bites

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Cheers to your pup! Each bag contains 7 ounces of our original GRRRanola spent grain treats in bite size pieces. We’ve partnered with Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery to create these delicious spent grain granola treats and will be donating a portion of sales from all of our GRRRanola brew bites to local animal welfare organizations. Crunch factor: 3 (1=soft, 2=tender, 3=crispy, 4=crunchy, 5=hard)

Our biscuit treats do not require refrigeration and will keep for many months stored sealed at room temperature. All of our biscuits are labeled with ingredients, storage instructions, and a "Best by" date.

What is "spent grain"?

Sweet Paws Dog Bakery’s new GRRRanola treats are made with spent grain. The spent grain we use is barley donated to us by Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery located in Bethesda. “Spent grain” is a by-product of the first step in the beer brewing process in which the soluble starches are extracted from the barley. The leftover grain (spent grain) is collected and often used for animal feed. Spent grains are typically 20%-30% protein and 70% fiber and make a tasty and healthful ingredient in dog treats.

Ingredients: Spent Grain (Malted Barley), Oats, Eggs, Honey, Unsweetened Applesauce, Cinnamon
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 13.75%, Crude Fat (min) 6%, Crude Fiber (max) 3.25%, Moisture (max) 6.5%