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Cheers to Charity

We have 3 new spent grain snacks coming soon and we hope to be able to give a lot more cheers to charity! Shop our spent grain treats and help us give back to local animal welfare organizations... These treats are made in partnership with Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery located in Bethesda, and a portion of sales from all items listed here is donated to a variety of Maryland based animal rescues and causes. As of April 30, 2021 we have donated $105.

What is "spent grain"? Spent grain is a by-product of the first step in the beer brewing process in which the soluble starches are extracted from the barley. The leftover grain (spent grain) is collected and often used in baked goods or feed for farm animals and poultry. Spent grains are typically 20%-30% protein and up to 70% fiber and make a tasty and healthful ingredient in dog treats.

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