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Spent Grain Snacks

Shop our spent grain snacks and help us give back to local animal welfare organizations... These treats are made in partnership with Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery located in Bethesda, and a portion of sales from all items listed here is donated to a variety of Maryland based animal rescues and causes. As of August 31, 2021 we have donated $415.

Our spent grain snack treats do not need to be refrigerated and will last for many months when stored sealed at room temperature. All of our treats are labeled with ingredients, storage instructions, and a "Best by" date. We offer our snacks in store and for purchase online for pick up or local delivery.

What is "spent grain" and what is in our spent grain snacks?

We are careful to always use healthful ingredients to create treats that are typically easy for most dogs to eat and digest. All treats no matter how healthy should always be given in moderation (along with a balanced diet) especially if some ingredients are new for your pup.

Spent grain is the “malt” left over after the barley has been steeped, sprouted, and dried as part of the first step in the beer brewing process. This first step extracts the soluble starches from the barley, leaving the insoluble “spent” grain. Spent grains are typically 20%-30% protein and up to 70% fiber. Barley – seed of a type of grass in the same family as quinoa and oatmeal, high in fiber, rich in B vitamins, high in carbohydrates which can provide a good source for energy, not a known allergen for dogs but it does contain gluten (so avoid if gluten sensitivity); Pumpkin – full of nutrients, high in fiber and digests slowly, contains both soluble and insoluble fiber which helps regulate digestion; Carob – full of nutrients, good source of fiber, contains pectin which helps flush toxins from the body; Natural Peanut Butter – well-rounded source of nutrients, contains fiber, protein, and healthy fats, slows digestion (which is a good thing as slower digestion allows the body time to absorb nutrients); Coconut Flour – high in protein and fiber which may help digestion; Tapioca Starch – can be a good energy source, unlikely to trigger food allergies and sensitivities; Honey – easy to digest and purported to have natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties; Cinnamon – anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory properties.

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