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Birthday Cakes

*Due to personal circumstances we are no longer offering special order personalized cakes through our website.* We now offer a fun and unique selection of birthday cakes available for retail purchase only at our shop inside Stay Pet. We are working on stocking our retail freezer with a variety of fresh frozen decorated cakes and mini desserts ready for any celebration! Our cakes and other frozen desserts are available for walk-in purchase only and although we try to keep a variety of themed cakes stocked, the selection may vary on any given day. We are not able to personalize our frozen cakes or other desserts and we do not offer made-to-order or custom cakes at this time.

Our unique cakes may look like cakes for humans with fondant and buttercream icing but we DO NOT use these sugar and butter based icings. We’ve developed our own yogurt based icing to create our totally dog-friendly adorable cakes! Our cakes are soft and tender and made with our exclusive recipes using gluten-free and grain-free flours, low fat ingredients, and no butter, salt, or additional sugar. We do our best to package our fresh frozen cakes to keep them looking amazing once thawed but given the nature of our icings some cracking or color bleeding may occur. We provide ingredient labels and storage instructions with all of our cakes.

We are currently stocking 6-inch Doggy Face cakes and mini cakes in our freezer. We try to have both "Happy Birthday!" and "Happy Gotcha Day!" cakes available.