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Sustainability Initiative

At Sweet Paws Dog Bakery we not only love pets but all living things so we are taking steps towards being better stewards of the earth and changing over to more sustainable product packaging including bags, labels, and containers. We are now packaging most of our biscuits in compostable bags made from a bio-based material and using compostable plant-based containers and bags in addition to our existing recyclable plastic containers for our doggie desserts. Our new labels are made from unbleached sugarcane paper with a compostable adhesive.

As part of this initiative we've also refreshed our look and have rolled out a new product label design along with our new product packaging materials. Our earth friendly and recyclable packaging is now designated with new natural craft colored labels. (As we transition, our existing plastic bags will continue to have white labels until we are fully changed over to compostable bags.) Our goal is to have 99% compostable or recyclable product packaging by the end of 2020.

love earth image