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Treat Trailer Menu


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Mini Woofle $1 each / 6 for $5
Woofle Sammie $3
(two mini woofles sandwiched with cream cheese icing)
Donut $3 each / 2 for $5
(cake donut topped with cream cheese icing with sprinkles)
Cannoli $5
(soft baked peanut butter cookie with cream cheese filling)
Soft Baked Cookie $4
(bone or carob chip cookie)
PB Oatmeal Bone cookie $1
Peanut Butter Crab Cookie $2
Biscuit Bag $12 each / 2 for $20
(10 oz bag of Cheesy Salmon Biscuits or Peanut Butter Oatmeal Biscuits)
S’mores $5
(soft baked peanut butter cookie with cream cheese icing & carob cream)
Cream Tail $4
(vanilla "Twinkie" cake with cream cheese filling )